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Smart Irrigation Controller Rebates

Border Smart Controller

Residential outdoor water use in the United States accounts for more than 9 billion gallons of water each day, mainly for landscape irrigation. Experts estimate that as much as 50 percent of this water is wasted due to overwatering caused by inefficiencies in irrigation methods and systems. Irrigation control technologies can significantly reduce overwatering by applying water only when plants need it.

In 2017, Medford Water launched the Smart Irrigation Controller Rebate Program to help customers reduce their summer water usage. By replacing an old standard sprinkler timer with a WaterSense labeled smart controller, the average household can save an estimated 8,800 gallons of water annually. WaterSense labeled irrigation controllers, which act like a thermostat for your sprinkler system telling it when to turn on and off, use local weather and landscape conditions to tailor watering schedules to actual conditions on the site, instead of irrigating using a controller with a clock and a preset schedule.

Replace your existing standard sprinkler timer with a WaterSense labeled smart irrigation controller, or install one new if installing for the first time (such as a new build) and receive:
  • $250 total (or up to purchase price of controller and additional required equipment) for installation of a controller with greater than 12 stations
  • $200 total (or up to purchase price of controller and additional required equipment) for installation of a controller with 12 stations or less
For full instructions, please view the application form below.

Use this checklist to ensure you are following the steps to get your rebate:
  • Schedule a free sprinkler checkup with Medford Water
  • Select, purchase and install WaterSense smart irrigation controller and any required equipment
  • Complete the rebate application form and attach the sales receipt
  • Schedule an initial smart controller inspection
  • Receive first half of rebate
  • Schedule a follow-up inspection after two full summer seasons
  • Receive second half of rebate
Application Form - Click Here

Para obtener una copia de la solicitud en español, haga clic aquí.

Download File
Smart Controller Rebate Application 2021.pdf


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