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Toilet rebates

The Water Commission is now offering rebates on the cost of WaterSense® certified, 1.28 gallons per flush toilets; see the application form.
Frequently asked questions about the program are answered here. You may also call us at 541-774-2435 if you have questions regarding this rebate program.
In an average home with older plumbing fixtures, nearly a third of the water used indoors is flushed down toilets. As a result, we have initiated a program to help property owners replace their old relics with new models.
Following the launch of the national program known as WaterSense, obtaining a new toilet that is both extra efficient and has passed performance tests is easier than ever. And to “sweeten the pot,” we’re now offering rebates to our retail customers when they install WaterSense qualified models. Plans for recycling of the old toilets have also been arranged.
With the rebate, your cost of a new toilet can be greatly reduced. Once installed, the new toilet will then provide years of savings on water charges. Just how much depends on the size of your current toilet and the number of people using it. With WaterSense certified toilets, you’ll flush about 70 percent less water than with a toilet installed prior to 1994, and 20 percent less than the current standard 1.6 gallon per flush toilet. You might find that you’ll save even more since hidden leaks in old toilets are very common.
Look for the WaterSense logo when shopping for other plumbing products too. Even without rebates, installing them just makes sense, helping make it easy to save water every day.

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