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No rate changes in 2013

The Medford Water Commission typically conducts a cost of service study each December, resulting in changes to rates being implemented in March.  By analyzing this each year, we can better assure that charges keep pace with costs through small annual rate adjustments, rather than larger changes being necessary when multiple years pass before modifications are made.  
Occasionally, however, the Commission has not implemented annual rate changes and 2013 will be one of those years.  There are a number of reasons for this, among them being that we are in the process of shifting to a new computer billing and finance system, a major change in our operations which is currently receiving considerable attention. 
This summer, the Commission also anticipates utilizing a consultant to conduct a review of methodologies used in computing our water charges. Although current cost-of-service analyses utilize accepted practices and assumptions, having procedures analyzed by specialists from time to time can be beneficial, and may result in some modifications.     
With these ongoing projects and changes occurring within the next few months, it was determined that delaying rate modifications until 2014 would be best.  While adjustments next year may end up being slightly more as a result, it is not anticipated that skipping this year will have significant impacts to either the Commission or its customers.

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