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Medford Water Commission

Medford Water Commission - 541.774.2430
Development Fees/System Development Charges (SDCs)

System Development Charges (SDCs) are reviewed annually. The following charges are in effect for all NEW development; effective October 1, 2023:

1) System-wide SDC
Dedicated to treatment plant and distribution water main expansion that is charged to newly developed property added to the system. 

Meter Size Weighting Factor SDC Fees
" x " 1 $2,225.62
1" 1.6 $3,560.99
1" 4.3 $9,570.16
2" - R2 5.7 $12,686.03
3" - T2 18.6 $41,396.51

Meters larger than four inches (4") may be sized for combined fire and consumption demands. Applicants whose projects will require these large meters will have to pay the SDC based on the actual meter size installed. The applicant may, one year after completion of the project, ask for a review of their consumption patterns. If the maximum consumption demand is less than that which available for the meter size installed, a reduction in fee to the approximate meter size will be allowed. If the consumption patterns change for these customers who have qualified for a reduction in SDC fees, the Commission, City or Water District may require the payment of additional SDC fees.

2) East Side High Level SDC for Zones 1 - 5, including Zone 1B (Barneburg): $10,420.44 per gross acre or part thereof. 

East Side High Level Map

East Side High Level SDC Map

3) Southwest High Level SDC for Zone 1C (Southwest): $10,090.81 per gross acre or part thereof. 

Southwest High Level Map

Southwest High Level SDC Map

Other Fees

For other fees associated with connecting to water service, see Exhibit D of Medford Water's Regulations Governing Water Service.


Call 541-774-2430 or email Customer Service with additional questions.

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