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Lead & Copper

    Medford Water fully complies with all state and federal regulations for lead and copper testing. 

Under the Lead and Copper Rule, if 10 percent of water samples return lead levels of over 15 parts per billion, a water provider is required to take certain actions to reduce lead exposure. 
In 2022, the 90th percentile value in Medford was 1.1 ppb and no samples exceeded the action level. 
For the most current water quality results available in a compliance-focused publication, view our Consumer Confidence Report. For a comprehensive list of results, see our Water Quality Analyses.
Home plumbing  
Water quality and the protection of public health are Medford Water’s top priorities. We take reducing lead exposure seriously, and are in compliance with all Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. Our latest round of lead and copper testing results can be found in our compliance-focused Consumer Confidence Report, or the very comprehensive Water Quality Analyses.

Our two water supplies – Big Butte Springs and the Rogue River – do not contain lead or copper. However, lead and copper can be released into the water from materials in the water system and home plumbing.

As part of our mission to safeguard public health and preserve our community’s high-quality water all the way to the tap, we have taken a multi-pronged approach to reducing the likelihood of leading and copper leaching from home plumbing and service lines (find more information on our Water Quality Improvement Project here). 

What is Medford Water doing to reduce lead and copper in our drinking water?

We have taken a multi-pronged approach to reducing lead and copper:
  • Program to proactively find and remove lead pipe “pigtails” installed in the early 1900s. - COMPLETED
  • The Water Quality Improvement Study, a rigorous scientific study to identify water quality improvements that work with our water and system. - COMPLETED
  • Working with third-party experts and the latest Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidance to identify a scientifically rigorous and credible solution. - COMPLETED
  • Design and construct new water quality improvements. – ONGOING

Medford Water Prepared for Lead and Copper Rule Revisions

The EPA has released guidance to support water systems with their efforts to prepare and maintain an inventory of service line materials as part of the Lead and Copper Rule, which regulates the testing and allowable levels of lead and copper in drinking water. We’ll know more before these revisions are finalized in October 2024, but we are developing a plan to meet this proposed guidance.

The good news is that we already meet other requirements under the rule—the Maximum Contaminant Level Goal and Lead Action Level—and years ago, we completed a program to find and remove any lead service lines originally installed in the early 1900s.

We’re also currently investing in new water quality facilities that will further protect the health of our customers and our local environment. These new facilities are part of our commitment to providing excellent water quality to our customers. Information on these planned water quality improvements is available here if you want to learn more!

Lead & Copper FAQs
Check out our Lead & Copper FAQs here.

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