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Lawn Replacement Rebate

Lawn Replacement Rebate

If you’ve been considering replacing your lawn with waterwise landscaping, Medford Water has launched a Lawn Replacement Rebate program to help customers replace thirsty green lawns. There are many colorful waterwise, firewise, and pollinator-friendly plants to choose from; add character to your landscape this summer and save water and money while you’re at it!
For inspiration on how to create a landscape that is healthy, attractive and uses less water, visit our waterwise landscaping website at medfordsaveswater.org. The site highlights waterwise gardening concepts tailored to the climate of the Rogue Valley, and includes hundreds of diverse photos providing a wide variety of attractive examples.
We also offer several additional resources to assist you in managing your landscape and irrigation system, including smart controller rebates, watering guides, and irrigation troubleshooting. Click on the Conservation tab at the top of our website to see an overview of water efficiency programs, or contact the team at conserve@medfordwater.org, or call 541-774-2436 to see how much you can save!
Funds are limited; for eligibility requirements and instructions, click on the "Apply Now" button below.
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Call our conservation team at 541-774-2436 or email conserve@medfordwater.org.

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